About Women’s Specific Packs

Tatonka has a range of packs that have been specifically developed for the female frame, with features such as a shorter back length with curved shoulder straps. The importance of women specific packs should not be underestimated. All ill-fitting pack can not only cause discomfort and pain, but it can also cause injury. As womens bodies are shaped differently to men, it makes sense that womens packs should be shaped differently too!

The key differences with the Women’s harness:

  1. Shoulder straps are closer together to fit narrower women’s shoulders.
  2. Shoulder straps are shorter, so you don’t run out of tightening adjustment.
  3. Shoulder straps are shaped around the chest for superior fit and comfort.
  4. Sternum strap is set higher than male equivalent for superior fit and comfort.
  5. Hip belt is custom-shaped and sized to female hips which is crucial as the female frame can carry more weight on the hips than the shoulders.
  6. Female harnesses will adjust much lower for shorter female stature.