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NZ Hunter Adventures


One of the most successful hunting shows on television in New Zealand, NZ Hunter Adventures follows father and son team Greg and Willie Duley on their adventures through our country’s magnificent back country mountains in pursuit of the game animals New Zealand has to offer.

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The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club


Another must-watch NZ hunting show, The Hunters Club showcases the natural beauty of NZ’s mountainous backcountry and its wild animals. With a team of hunters, the show offers great variety in the locations, target species and styles of hunting as well as plenty of banter!

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Thane Young (aka Rogee Productions)


Being born into a hunting family makes it easy to understand where Thane (aka Rogee) gets his passion for hunting and the great outdoors.

Having a military background shines through in his videos with his attention to detail and dedication to the art of long-range shooting. But ultimately it’s the interactive style of filmmaking that draws you in…making you feel like you are on the adventure with him and his friends.

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Gavin Wairau (aka Gav Bubu)


Gathering food has always been an integral part of life for Gav and his family. His entertaining personality, as well as his passion for harvesting kai moana and hunting a range of game animals, shines through in his videos.

Gav’s adventures can be watched on his YouTube channel (Gav Bubu) and in Hunt with Me (Maori TV) episodes.

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