Tatonka Pack Fitting Guide

It is important to correctly fit your pack for the right amount of weight to be transferred to the pelvic area.

Video guide by Willie Duley

Adjusting the ladder system

The carrying systems of Tatonka’s backpacks have an adjustable ladder system to adjust the pack to suit the length of your back.

Back Length Adjustment Guide

Up to 170cm  – S – (bottom load control buckle)

175cm – 180cm – M – (bottom or middle buckle)

180cm – 185cm – L  – (middle or top buckle)

190cm – 195cm – XL – (top buckle)

2m + – XXL – (top buckle)

Step by step instructions

Before starting, put some weight into your pack to stimulate a realistic carry weight. Pack the heaviest weight at shoulder height and close into the pack. Put a sleeping bag or similar in the bottom compartment.

Step 1:

Choose the correct harness setting

See back length adjustment guide above.

Step 2:

Put the pack on your back

Loosen the shoulder straps and lift the pack up by the handle and put your arms through the shoulder straps

Step 3:

Put on the hip strap

The middle of the hip strap should end around the hip bones. With the hip strap clasp facing out, tighten both sides of the hip strap towards your navel.

Step 4:

Tighten shoulder straps

Step 5:

Set the load control straps

Step 6:

Buckle the chest strap

This improves the freedom of movement when moving actively and stabilises the carrying system, thereby reducing fatigue

Step 7:

Tighten the hip strap load controls

This improves the lateral load control.

Step 8:

Recheck back length adjustment

The hip strap should be centered over the hip bones, the contact point of the shoulder straps should sit on the 7th neck vertebra.