Tips for a more comfortable carry

1. Choose the correct pack

for the weight you will be carrying. X1 harness packs (such as the Bison) can carry loads over 25kgs in comfort. V2 packs are lighter and can be preferred if you are carrying loads 25kgs or less.

Learn more about our harness systems here.

2. Make sure that your pack is fitted correctly.

We recommend getting your pack fitting when you purchase in store or check out our pack fitting guide here. Also note, that some people under 165cm may find the Womens packs a better fit as they adjust to shorter heights.

3) Distribute gear according to weight.

Place the heaviest items at the back of the pack, near the middle of your back, as this is where your core strength is. Tighten compression straps to keep the contents from shifting, keeping the weight distributed in a way that makes carrying the pack more comfortable.

4) Make use of the load control straps.

  • When walking up a steep hill – pull straps tight to transfer load to shoulders.
  • When walking down a steep hill – loosen straps to transfer load to hips.