Women’s Pack Reviews

Fiona Duley – NZ Hunter Adventures

“I’ve used many packs over the years for hunting and tramping adventures, as well as on my weekly trips into the Kawekas re-setting predator trips and helping with the kiwi programme. I’d have to say the Tatonka Women’s Bison has definitely been the most comfortable pack I’ve tried, which I think mostly comes down to the harness being tailored to a women’s physique. It is well thought out, has plenty of handy pockets for all my bits and pieces, and has now successfully carried my gear on many trips over the last 10 years, including some massive 10 day alpine treks through the Southern Alps. Highly recommend it”

Rosemary Tong  – @the.rosemary

“From day one of my pursuits backpacking into fly camps and backcountry adventures, I thought a normal part of wearing a pack meant it was a given I’d be branded with tender, bruised hips. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the female specific pack from Tatonka, that I realised I had been clocking up all of these kms in “suffering” when it wasn’t necessary.

I have now had the satisfaction of carrying everything from an overnight load, to a chocka pack full of meat and gear in my Tatonka Women’s Bison 60+10L, and it is yet to let me down from any perspective.

Gone are the days of bruised hips, ladies. The only downside is I would have liked to be using this pack sooner!”

Ashley Trobridge – Mother, budding photographer, writer, hunter and mountain biker:

“I’m a relative newcomer to the sport of hunting and multi-day backpack adventures. I’ve never owned a large pack before and was very fortunate that my partner recommended the Tatonka Women’s Bison 60+10L. I found it super comfortable from the get-go, it’s shaped well to a women’s body, it adjusts shorter in the back, the shoulder straps are closer together and fit great around the neck and breast area, while the sternum strap sits in a more comfortable position, much higher above the breasts than many of the male packs I’ve tried and this is a really key feature for me. Both the shoulder and hip straps are shorter in length so you won’t run out of tension, which is a problem I’ve run into when borrowing other male packs that have to accommodate for larger bodies.

It is a great pack, get into it girls!”

Tui Hunting with Tui (Maori TV)

“Whether I am hunting, walking my trap-line or tramping, I prioritise comfort in an environment that can sometimes be uncomfortable.

Female bodies are constructed differently and as such our packs that we wear, need to mould to our bodies.  As an avid lover of outdoors, I have happily traded the standard pack for the specifically constructed Tatonka women’s pack. The adjustability features on the pack allow me to customise this pack to me and it allows me to distribute the weight effectively so that I have efficiency when walking.

I seek the products that enhance my experience in the outdoors so that I can get to my destination or spot X with minimal wear and tear on my body.  Owning the specifically designed and constructed Tatonka woman’s pack just makes perfect sense”.